Sikh History in Indian Parliament – MP Ranjeet Ranjan


Ranjeet Ranjan Congrees MP from Bhopal talks about Sikhs, in Indian Parliament.
Guru Teg Bahadur gave his life to defend the right of Kashmiri Pandits to practise their religion in a Muslim empire. If it was Muslims being persecuted in a Hindu Rashtra, he would have done the same. That is the thesis of Sikhism.

His death led to uprise of Sikhs under Guru Gobind Singh, which gave a tough challenge thus slowing down the mass conversions that Aurangzeb was hell bent on.

None of the Guru’s expected others to change religion. Infact it is anti-thesis to fundamental of Sikhism. If that was the case, the Bhakats including Namdev and Kabir and sufis like Baba Farid, whose writing are part of Guru Granth Sahib would had been asked to convert before including their writings.

Sikhism neither endorses conversion nor fears it. Till today Darbar Sahib, Amritsar’s four doors signify being open to people of four corners of the world without passing judgement on what they believe.

Discourse and discussion though has always been part of Sikhi from the very first Guru who refused to practise Hinduism, wearing Janeo, but did not force others to do it.